Choosing Your Cannabis Seeds – A Beginner’s Guide

Growing cannabis from seed is a great experience. It is quite different from growing clones. First is the range of cultivars available as seeds. There are thousands. A reputed cannabis seed bank USA might offer a good selection of clones, but the choices are nowhere near the variety open to growing from seed. This extends to the individual cultivar too.

 Seeds deliver an amazing variation of phenotypes within the same genetic family. One might plant ten seeds of the same genes while they’ll mostly be the same; one of them might grow taller than the others, one may have a fruitier smell, one with more sativa or indica in the high. This is because of genetic diversity.

 You always get some level of diversity from the seeds. Not all seeds share the same palette or endocannabinoid system. Unlike clones, seeds can be delivered faster and easier across the world.

 Before choosing a variety of seed from cannabis seeds bank USA, you need to ask yourself a few questions like:

 a) What kind of high do I want?

 b) How experienced am I at growing?

 c) How much space do I have for growing?

 d) Am I growing indoors or out?

 e) Do I want feminized or regular seeds?

These are very crucial questions that can have an impact on your seed selection process. Let us take a look at some of the basics that need to be considered while choosing your cannabis seeds.

If you are going to create more seeds with breeding, you need to look out for regular seeds. There is an approximately 50/50 chance that these regular seeds produce male and female plants. And as a breeder, you need both the plants. The fact the feminized seeds only produce female plants is the biggest advantage for those cultivars looking for seeds only for harvest. 

Female plants grow beautiful smoke-able flowers full of cannabinoids.

Feminized seeds remove the wasted hours of locating and discarding male plants from your grow. So, if you are a novice, you would preferably choose the autoflowering feminized seeds from cannabis seed bank USA.

The autos can be harvested throughout the year. Within just a month, the autos flip into the flowering stage, and they need not be exposed to sunlight. They also tend to be robust plants and are very easy to grow. The lifecycle of these autos is about 3 to 4 months, and they grow to a height of only 4 feet. This becomes convenient for people to grow the seeds in a limited space.

The seeds you plan to choose can be either pure sativa, pure indica, or a hybrid genotype of both. Pure sativa plants are tall and thin with higher yields, while pure indica plants are easier and faster to grow. Most of the modern cannabis cultivars are hybrids with varying compositions of indica and sativa in them.

Through this article, we have discussed all the basics involved in choosing your cannabis seeds. With the help of this beginner’s guide, you can contact the best cannabis seed bank in the USA and obtain your choice of cannabis seeds.

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