Top Five Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Wound Healing

Various studies have established the roles of hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy in treating various medical conditions. The treatment has exceptional effects in helping patients suffering from a wide range of diseases but it has a profound impact in promoting the healing of wounds and injuries. The therapy helps in overcoming oxygen deficiencies by sufficiently supplying injured tissues with enough oxygen. The rest of this article focuses on enumerating the top benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in wound healing.

Decreases Edema

Edema in the body occurs as a result of too much water fluid accumulating in the tissues and cavities. Generally, edema may occur in any part of the body ranging from the heart where pulmonary edema and cerebral edema in the brain. The occurrence of edema elevates tissue pressure and limits circulation. These two effects impair wound healing.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) reduces the effect of edema by stimulating improved circulation. Consequently, the fluids that accumulate in the body can move through the general circulation, filtered through the kidney, and excreted effectively. The injured tissues get properly oxygenated and the healing process continues under excellent perfusion.

Hyperoxygenation of Tissues

HBOT enhances the hyperoxygenation of tissues by saturating them with oxygen that is essential in ensuring quick wound healing. Hypeoxygeneated tissues go through reepithelialization that increases the epithelial cells that help in the closing of wounds and formation of barrier on the skin.

The hyperoxygenation of tissues under HBOT has been found to increase the rate of wound healing by a reasonable percentage. Such an improved wound healing is essential especially for adults suffering from diabetes who are at great risk of chronic non-healing wounds.

Enhances the Antibacterial Activity of the Leukocytes

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment floods the body with oxygen which in turn intensifies the antimicrobial activity almost immediately. Leukocytes are white blood cell categories that work well under improved oxygen supply in the body. They gain momentum and strength under the oxygen saturation achieved during HBOT.

Leukocytes become more effective in killing harmful bacteria and other free radicals as well as eliminating dead cell debris.

Increases Angiogenesis

Angiogenesis is the process of forming new blood vessels in various body tissues. It is no surprise that without angiogenesis tissues may not survive or recover from injuries. The levels of oxygen in the body influence the quality and rate at which angiogenesis occurs. Fortunately, hyperbaric oxygen treatment can facilitate and intensify the formation of new blood vessels due to increased oxygen supply to tissues.

Additionally, HBOT promotes the synthesis of collagen that is among the essential components in the formation of blood vessels. Collagen is also an integral component of the skin that accounts for the largest percentage of dry skin. Capillaries cannot develop and gain strength without collagen hence the need for its growth. This makes oxygen an indispensable component for all levels of healing the body.

Excellent Synergy with Antibiotics

Physicians prescribe antibiotic drugs to treat infections but these antibiotics cannot bring desired results alone. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment comes with synergistic effects to work with an antibiotic for perfect adjunctive therapy. In the process, HBOT improves the activity of antibiotics by increasing the availability of oxygen in the body and facilitating leukocytes in eliminating harmful bacteria. Also, the period within which a patient undergoes antibiotic therapy reduces significantly.

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