The supreme lactobotanical peel for healthy skin 

To maintain good skin it is important to regularly purify it. Our skin is prone to several exposures. From environmental factors such as dust, dirt, harsh weather to emotional factors such as stress and anxiety everything affects the skin. To protect your skin from all these you need to an exfoliating and purifying skincare solution. One such great effective treatment available for you is the lactobotanical peel. Remove dead skin cells with a lactobotanical peel – lactic acid skin care at it’s best! This peel is rich in lactic acid which eliminates toxins and dead cells from your skin. Let us see the beautiful results and benefits of this treatment.

The ultimate advantages of using lactobotanical peel

  • This unique peel takes less time to restore and rejuvenate your skin. For a youthful and appealing skin you can try the lactobotanical peel. The lactic acid in the peel is the best skin-renewing agent. This active agent reduces skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, acne and dehydration. Lactic acid has been used since the ages of the queen. This solution can surely help you attain flawless skin.
  • The lactobotanical peel is ideal for any skin type. Whether dry, oily or normal is doesn’t matter it is a universal skin care solution for every skin type. The healing property of this peel protects the skin against any problems.
  • If you want youthful, glowing and hydrated skin you can choose the lactobotanical peel solution. This mild peel is effective for sensitive, oily and dry skin types. This solution completely changes skin texture and improves the skin tone.
  • This effective treatment is suitable for both men and women. The Vitamin A serum and other natural ingredients are used in this treatment. Completely harmless and east treatment for sparkling and glowing skin. The lactobotanical peel is an overall supreme solution or all your skin problems.
  • The lactobotanical peel is one of the most skin healing treatments available today. Only a few experts and clinicians offer this top-class treatment. To prevent future skin problems you can try this modern skincare solution.

The essential products used in the treatment 

Gentle exfoliating cream 

The lactic based exfoliators prepare the sensitive skin for the treatment. The exfoliators amazingly remove dirt and dust in the skin. They work the best in removing dead skin cells and reduce the dullness.

The lactobotanical peel

After the exfoliating process, the lactobotanical peel is used on the treatment. This main product contains active ingredients such as vitamin A and vitamin C. both these ingredients essential for youthful and young skin. Vitamin C helps in eliminating wrinkles, fine lines, discolouration, pigmentation, acne and other skin problems. On the other hand, vitamin A enhances skin texture and promotes smoothness.

The facial mask or sheets 

During the process, the facial mask is used to enhance the appearance and texture of the skin. The masks balance the oil and other natural chemicals in the skin, the excess dirt or dust is removed with the help of facial sheet. The sheets rinse first gently exfoliates the skin.

Deep lactobotanical peel

Another great lactobotanical peel is used on the process. This is more effective and powerful for removing ageing effects, allergies and other skin problems. With the expert clinicians, you can get the best advice and details about the treatment. They can excellently clarify all your doubts about the treatment. The experts will also prescribe the procedures and types of peels available for your skin type.


The lactobotanical peel is the most modern skincare solutions available today. Book your treatment today and experience amazing skin benefits.

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