How Chiropractic Treatment Can Ease Back Pain

Chiropractic treatment can provide many benefits for the body, with back pain relief being the primary one. You know how painful and life-constraining it can be if you deal with back pain. You may want to try using a physical solution first instead of moving to a treatment that requires surgery or a lifetime of medicine. Using a few different techniques, chiropractors can treat and even cure back pain.


A chiropractor is a specialist who, through a series of changes, specializes in aligning the spinal cord and providing care for the underlying soft tissue and nerves. Your spine stretches from the base of your back up to your skull through your neck, and a network of nerves surrounds your spine. It may cause nerve pinching or inflammation if the spine is not correctly aligned, which is most often the source of back pain for most individuals. To relieve nerve strain, chiropractic treatment helps to train the vertebrae to align correctly on their own. Throughout many visits, this phase continues, with the end aim of eradicating all signs of back pain permanently. Do not be alarmed by the ‘knuckle cracking’ sound you should hear when being adjusted if you have never been to a chiropractor before; it is merely releasing gases from the joint.


Your chiropractor can prefer to use a range of massage techniques and tools to relax those muscles and get them back to a state of healing when what causes back pain is muscular or tissue-related. Different types of massage have other purposes and, therefore, different outcomes. Your chiropractor would typically apply direct pressure to the affected region or maybe use an instrument to pin-point and relieve the source of pain if you feel too localized pain in your back. If your back pain affects much of your back, a more conventional form of massage may be used by your chiropractor. Deep-tissue massages improve blood flow and enhance the muscles’ flexibility, which helps speed up the healing process.

Physical Therapy

Finally, multiple physical therapy activities you can perform on your own would usually be given by your chiropractor. A chiropractor will provide you with comprehensive exercises unique to your body and a pain management routine that a physical therapist might not be able to provide. With a holistic and natural approach to pain management, these exercises can encourage muscle memory and development. Although some back pain cases are far more severe than others, a better treatment choice is often pain relief without prescription drugs. Additionally, for continued muscle strength and wellbeing, your chiropractor would be able to advise you on some posture correcting exercises, calming strategies and proper lifting methods.

Please contact your doctor before pursuing chiropractic treatment if you are seeing a healthcare professional for your back pain, and remember any drugs you are taking on your first chiropractic appointment. If you are searching for a chiropractor in Singapore to treat your back pain, go no further than the Elite Spine Centres.

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