Effect of Wearing N95 Mask for a Long Time on Facial Skin

If you wear N95 mask for a long time, it is easy to have various discomfort symptoms on the skin, and it is also easy to cause obvious crush injury on local skin, resulting in skin damage and other conditions, and even lead to local skin crush and other symptoms in serious cases. And crush injury is due to the long-term compression of local tissues, blood circulation disorders, so that local tissues lack of nutrition, skin loss of normal function, resulting in local tissue necrosis or damage.

It not only increases the pain of medical staff, but also increases the risk of infection. Therefore, in order to reduce the occurrence of a series of adverse conditions, hydrocolloid dressing is mainly used to protect the wound and promote wound healing. Cut the hydrocolloid dressing into strips, and then pad it under the N95 mask to avoid facial injury and increase comfort.

If the medical staff wears masks for less than 4 hours, they will not cause damage to the skin. However, if the wearing time is more than 8 hours, it will damage the nasal bridge, zygoma, ear and other parts of the skin with thin dermis. Benehal N95 masks is doing a good job in this regard.

For the medical staff who wear N95 mask, the use of hydrocolloid dressing can reduce the risk of pressure sores, effectively improve facial comfort, reduce the degree of skin pressure injury, and promote wound healing, which is worthy of clinical application.

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