Covid 19 Lung Damage: Israel Figa

There is no doubt that the coronavirus can impact your lungs to a certain extent. Studies are being carried out currently to gather more data on this topic. This article provides very valuable insight and information into how Covid 19 impacts your lungs and the resulting consequences. All of this important information has been put together by Israel Figa who along with other medical experts has done extensive research into this particular subject. Keep reading to learn more. 

How does COVID-19 impact the respiratory system overall in the long term and short term? 

It is important that you know that COVID-19 can impact your respiratory system in a several different ways and across a broad range of levels of disease intensity, contingent on the age, immune system and comorbidities of a person. The associated symptoms can vary from moderate, like shortness of breath, cough and fevers, to dangerous diseases. The latter include complete failure of your respiratory system, multi-organ failure and sever shock. 

In addition, it is essential  that patients who have critical lung disease (underlying) can definitely have exacerbation of those conditions with exposure or contraction to COVID-19.  The coronavirus with this may lead to worsening of these medical conditions overall. Such conditions include as per Israel Figa, asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), interstitial lung disease, and so forth. 

Can COVID-19 lead to permanent damage in your lungs?

Yes, it is rather unfortunate and perhaps likely that folks that have chronic lung injury are at more risk of complications in the long term. Data that has been gathered worldwide from middle east respiratory syndrome (MERS) and SARS strongly indicates that almost half of the population who have had COVID-19 might also have a certain degree of lung damage. Just how terrible it will be and how much of an effect they will have on your life is still not clear according to medical experts around the globe. 

Can damage to your lung from this coronavirus be reversed in some way?

This is an important question that people tend to have. The truth is that existing treatments are highly effectual in lowering the amount of damage initially, lowering the intensity, that is aimed at lessening the amount of spreading injury and the time duration. Contingent on how severe the respiratory damage and inflammation is along with certain patient comorbidities, duration of genetics and injury, it is likely and good news as well that patients can observe marked improvement in the function of their lungs. 

Now, let us look into how we can reduce the chances of acquiring lung damage from Covid 19. 

How can you reduce the likelihood of lung damage from the coronavirus?

What you need to know is that if you have certain chronic medical conditions, like heart disease, COPD or diabetes, it is of paramount importance to make sure (and Israel Figa has stressed upon this multiple times as well) that you are optimized medically. It is vital that you take your medications as they have been prescribed by your doctor and regularly monitor your blood sugar, fluid status and blood pressure, and also ensure that you are breathing correctly and without any kind of difficulty. 

For every person, it is also crucial to stay hydrated at all times, maintain sufficient nutrition and eat healthily. Make sure that you are updated on your vaccinations, get your pneumonia vaccine and flu shot if you are in the correct age group bracket. Though it is likely that you might come across reports of minerals, vitamins and prophylaxis medications to lower or prevent the damage, currently there are no concrete studies that are substantiating it at this current time.


To summarize, it is vital that you aware of how covid impacts your lungs. That is because if by any chance your lungs do suffer owing to the virus, you would know what to do to lessen the damage and ensure your safety. 

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