3 severe symptoms that appear when you attempt a detox for drugs

The process which helps to remove all traces of drugs and alcohol from the body is known as Detox. It ensures that the person is physically ready and stable to start therapy when they undergo Orange County detox for drugs. The body becomes used to substances like drugs and alcohol when then they are addicted to them. 

When the substances reduce gradually during the detox procedure, the brain will also need to adjust accordingly. The brain also needs time for adjusting as the chemicals suddenly dropdown. This causes unpleasant symptoms in many.

Importance of the procedure

The process of detoxing helps to reduce the negative impact of the withdrawal symptoms. It helps to make the experience comfortable and safe as far as possible. Medically assisted detox is the most effective and is supported by experts. Medically assisted detox is available in many specialist detox facilities or centers under the observation of professionals. 

If you attempt to detox your body on your own, you will experience many unnecessary withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms will fail when someone attempts by themselves thus de-motivate you in every way. The 3 severe symptoms while one undergoes detox for drugs Orange country are:

  1. Violence and injury

Some of the violent behaviors in a person increase by some drugs. People who abuse bath salts or synthetic cathinones are at higher risks of injuring themselves and also others. Patients who cause a dangerous situation for others might need restraint or sedation to protect their own self and also medical providers. 

Measures are necessary when a patient becomes aggressive and also behave violently with the medical workers. While there are also instances when patients may have injured themselves under the influence of drugs. There are also instances when patients become sexually or physically assaulted before they even start entering detox.

But there are many drugs that are use to detox the patients. These drugs cause a feeling of increased invulnerability and strength. These symptoms need treatment immediately. 

  • Symptoms of psychosis

Psychosis is a very dangerous complication that happens during the time of detox. When someone is abusing an excessive amount of drugs, during the time of detox psychosis is very common. Auditory and visual delusional and hallucinations thinking are the symptoms of psychosis.

Professionals try to reduce these symptoms by prescribing proper drugs. These symptoms ultimately lead to the death of the person. This is only because of the suddenly reducing the chemicals. The brain needs proper time to adjust with these changes. 

  • Threat to self

This is a very dangerous symptom when someone attempts to detox drugs. These symptoms include that of completed suicides or suicide attempts. These type of patients needs protection all the time. 

Doctors recommend someone who can stay with the patient the whole time to prevent suicide attempts. The treatment of these acute issues is very sensitive during evaluation. Focus and attention are very vital to treat symptoms that have an association with detox. 

One may contact http://houstondrugrehabs.com/ for assistance. Severe symptoms that appear during the time of detox must be treated immediately to avoid any kind of serious situation. All these symptoms appear because the brain needs adequate time to adjust. And in due time shortage of chemicals in the brain causes such symptoms to appear. 

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