Why Laughter is so important in addiction recovery

Addiction is a serious topic. It has real life, potentially devastating impact on people’s lives. People can lose their jobs, their homes and lives. Stopping an addiction can be a big struggle and for many it’s the hardest thing that they will ever do. Despite all of that, or maybe as a result laughing is one of the best and most helpful things you can do for addiction. And here’s why

Laughter reduces stress

Laughing is a very good way to relieve stress immediately, it releases endorphins that make you feel much better and relaxes your muscles. When you laugh it tells you that whatever is happening to you is really not that bad – otherwise you wouldn’t be laughing. Some believe that we developed laughing as a way to let everyone know that the perceived threat is not that bad. Think about how you respond when you see someone slip on the ice and then see that everyone is unharmed – and they’re laughing. You feel relieved and amused – business as usual.

Stress and sense of danger and concern is instantly relieved.  Since stress is the biggest trigger for cravings, laughter can be the key to a speedy recovery and less chance of relapse after drug rehab.

Laughter boosts the immune system.

If you are less stressed your immune system is much more active and works much better. Having high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol essentially turns your immune system off. It signals that you are under attack and sends all the energy you have towards fight or flight response -there’s no time for healing. Laughing signals that the danger is over for now, your body can now get back to normal.

Laughter reduces pain

The endorphins produced by laughter and lower level of stress reduces the feeling of pain. If you are feeling in pain due to withdrawals or other chronic issues then you may really benefit from letting that pain out with a strong fit of laughter. Detox can be really painful, you can suffer from bone and muscle aches but headaches and other discomfort are common withdrawal symptoms from many drugs. Many people who begin down the path of opioid addiction do it due to chronic pain, so pain can persist or return in recovery. As a way to help manage this you can laugh as much as you can to laugh the pain away!

Laughter improves your mood

It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you’re laughing. Staying in a positive mindset is one of the greatest things that you can do towards the progress of your recovery. People who have undergone the 12 step programe of the AA, or who have undergone alcohol rehabilitation know that those who are negative in mindset are more likely to relapse. Optimism is your friend, and laughter is your secret weapon in recovering from addiction.

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