Why Expertise is needed for extracting the Grafts in the Hair Transplants

The hair transplant procedure is performed by the follicular units/graft extraction, either done by the FUT or through the FUE method. The hair transplant procedure firstly caters the extraction process needs extreme proficiency and expertise as it needs the logical decision, careful analysis and extreme aesthetic sense in order to decide the particulate hair transplant technique. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the best clinic and surgeon to receive the restoration procedure. The best hair transplant clinics in Delhi offer you a choice of selections as many reputed clinics are established there. One must join the medical tourism in India to avail the best benefits of the hair transplant procedure as one can get the dual advantages with quality as well as the cost.

First of all, it is important to know every patient has a different scalp and also affected by a different grade of Norwood baldness, however, it is mandatory to receive an initial consultation prior to the hair transplant procedure.

How Extraction is done in the Hair Transplant Procedure?

The hair root extraction in the hair transplant procedure is done by two scientifically proven techniques known as the FUT and the FUE technique. Both the techniques are used for the hair root extraction, but the way of the extraction process is different. However, result and effect are also different in terms of receiving the desired number of hair roots and the permanent results of the procedure. The extraction made by the FUT technique gives permanent results by extracting DHT-resistant hair roots, whereas the FUE may or may not give you the sustainable outcome because it is based on the random punching processes.

Why Expertise is needed on the part of the Surgeon in the Hair Transplant is discussed below:

  1. A surgeon should have Decision-making Ability:

Yes, it is very important for a hair transplant surgeon to understand the issue with a logical decision ability to handle the case with the best aesthetic response. A surgeon must be able to use the wise distribution of the grafts because donor areas are limited and needed to be used wisely. An aesthetic distribution of the grafts needs a feasible technique that confirms the possibility of a particular restoration technique in a particular hair loss. This is the surgeon’s responsibility to select the technique according to the patient’s state of hair loss and available donor area’s condition. If a patient is suffering from an extremely high grade of Norwood baldness, the combined technique of the FUT+FUE hair transplant surgery is performed. The FUE is performed for a lesser grade of baldness, whereas the FUT or the strip method is performed when the NW-grade is above than III-stage.

  1. The Pain & Scar concern is needed to be kept in mind:

A hair transplant surgeon must think of the aspect of the pain and scars associated with the procedure. The pain and scar is a very common effect of the hair transplant surgery as the extraction involves incision and suture in the FUT and FUE are also not untouched by the pain and scar concern. However, a surgeon must perform the extraction process followed by the local anaesthesia and the advanced closure technique of the Trichophytic closure. It requires diagnostic skills, aesthetic insight, and expertise to deal with the unexpected complications of the restoration procedure. The FUT technique is always helpful in receiving the painless and scarless results of the procedure as the advanced method of the procedure involves the modern Trichophytic closure to close the wounded scars. The local anaesthesia makes the surgical effect until 10-12 hours of the procedure. The FUE leaves multiple dotted scars due to random punching processes and one can experience the multiple white scars spread all over the scalp after the FUE extraction. However, it is the task and responsibility of the surgeon to choose the technique wisely followed by the evaluation of the patient’s scalp condition.

  1. The Chosen Technique helps in Preserving the Donor Area:

It is a very important concern in the hair transplant surgery that how a chosen technique or method of hair root extraction is helpful in the hair transplant procedure. However, an ethical judgment followed by the aesthetic precision is needed in the hair restoration procedure to obtain the best outcomes. The linear donor scar in the FUT technique decreases only a limited height of the donor area by ‘stretch-back’ phenomenon. While in the FUE technique, the overall scalp density got reduced by ‘cherry picking’. Therefore, the FUT technique is always a wise decision in the hair transplant procedure yet it is needed the proficiency and expertise on the part of the surgeon.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant should only receive from the expert hands of the surgeon in order to meet the desired aesthetic goal of the hair restoration surgery.

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