Why do we need to change marijuana laws?

Some countries in the world are more advanced than others. Now, that’s a fact. But, we aren’t talking about technology, or money, or something of that nature. Instead, we are talking about a plant that’s a part of nature, that’s being banned and sanctioned in most parts of the world. We’re talking about marijuana.

There has been a ton of research whether this plant is good or not. However, most of the results are positive, and it turns out that it isn’t anything malicious, and it even improves life in many aspects. The State University of New York completed a study along with Oxford University Press. They deduced that the first uses of marijuana were for medicinal purposes. And, these findings were traced to be around 2700 years BC. Also, more than 6 percent of all of the studies related to it have been about the health benefits from it.  Click here to read more.

Are there any benefits?

Well if there weren’t any benefits, there would be no point in trying so hard to change the laws around it. There are a lot of positive things that come with from getting high on marijuana. Some have research behind them, and others are based on many experiences that make it seem highly believable. Now, we’ll talk about the most common positive effects that you can experience by smoking pot.

It makes you more creative

Most of the great artists that are remembered in history have experimented with drugs. Freud was a cocaine addict, and Aldous Huxley was more into mescaline and similar ones. Now, marijuana doesn’t fall into the class of coke or mescaline, but it still has an effect on the brain. The great thing about it though, is that it just unleashes your creativity. There was a study that found out cannabis causes psychotomimetic symptoms. For those who don’t know, we’ll explain in an instant. What this does is connect neurons and synapses to form connections and clash ideas that aren’t related to each other. This helps in creative work, especially art. Since art is a collection of ideas gathered from all kinds of different places, this can be especially helpful to those who want to get their creative juices flowing.

It serves as a great mood booster and antidepressant

Recently, the Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neuroscience published a study on the effects of THC in treating depression. The resulting conclusion was that it helped to reduce the negative bias in emotional processing. This means that those who have depression would have a better way to cope with it, and even overcome it with time. This expands to other psychiatric diseases as well.

However, this doesn’t only work on people that are depressed. A study was performed on Swiss prisoners who smoked weed, and the results were, to say the least. For those who smoke, the results were expected, and for those who don’t, they were surprising. The study found out that the inmates who smoked were less stressed, calmer, and didn’t do any violent acts whatsoever. This is why ganja is called the peace pipe after all.

For social situations, there is nothing better to break the ice as weed does. Everyone knows that it reduces anxiety and makes you more open to new people. This induces deep conversations that can be remembered for a long time. And, this helps to form friendships that would last even longer. Here is some more info:

Food tastes like heaven

Nature Neuroscience published a study that found out why you want to eat after you get high. And it also answered why food tasted so good after a blunt. This is because THC affects the brains cannabinoid receptors. They make food to seem more delicious because marijuana grants you a heightened sense of smell. Additionally, it’s a good idea to stack up on some supplies like sandwiches, burgers, or donuts before you spark it up.

It helps you fall asleep

Some people like to drink a glass of alcohol before they go to bed. Others read a book, or watch Netflix. There are also some who need the help of medications to help them fall asleep faster, or they have problems with insomnia. What’s surprising is that marijuana helps you to unwind, and makes it easier for you to fall asleep. It is better than sleeping pills, and it’s definitely better and healthier than alcohol.

However, there has been a constant debate about its effects long-time. Unfortunately, if you increase the usage, the effectiveness as a sleep aid decreases substantially. But, this is not something to worry about that much since there are a ton more benefits that this miracle plant offers.

So, why is it still banned?

First things first, there is a lot of politics involved. But, we won’t get into the matter because countries around the world are waking up and legalizing it. Most people know that the Netherlands is the weed capital of the world and the first one to legalize it. Well, that’s wrong because Uruguay was the first country to legalize it in 2013. For those countries that it’s banned in, there are many ways to evade detection. There is fake pee, detox kits, and pills that cleanse you from the metabolites. Who knew you could pass a drug test by taking a detoxification kit?

As for the Netherlands, well, that’s a compelling case all by itself. It’s technically illegal there, but the authorities don’t mind it, and they turn a blind eye. There are a few rules that shop owners need to abide by. But, apart from that anything goes. Those rules include not advertising or promoting it or causing nuisances and similar things. That’s completely understandable. Additionally, only the citizens are allowed to buy it, but that isn’t so true when it comes to Amsterdam’s famous shops. Weird, right?

What else can it do?

We’ll tell you a few more benefits that might interest you. It’s been proven that weed helps to reverse the effects of tobacco and improve lung function that has been lost. Also, a significant health benefit is that it can actually prevent epileptic seizures. Most epileptics are treated with cannabis oil, but combining that with regular smoking might totally prevent these seizures.

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