What are the medical exam requirements for visitors& workers in Canada?

If you plan to visit Canada for more than 6 months, then, you will need a medical exam. Such an examination is indispensable if you have been in one or more countries. It also applies to workers who come to Canada for jobs in which the health interests of the public must be protected. If you do not need a visa, then, the visa office will notify you of the upcoming proceedings.

Jobs that require a medical examination

You will have to get a medical exam done if your job in Canada makes it mandatory. These include jobs wherein you have to work near other people. Such professions include workers in the health sciences field, clinical laboratories, nursing homes, geriatric homes and teachers in primary schools or the ones dealing with small children.

Who is authorized to take your exam?

Your personal physician cannot perform the medical examination required for immigration. You must check for a doctor from the list of approved panel physicians. Panel Physician North York – CIC Medical Exam is one such approved clinic authorized to perform immigration medical examination. Acomplete medical examination, both physical and mental will be performed by a panel physician. He may order laboratory tests and chest X-rays. Once the medical exam is concluded, the physician will send the results to the Canadian Immigration Authorities.The panel physician does not have the final say about your medical examination.If there is any problem with your medical exam, then, the visa office will reach out to you.

When should you get your medical exam done?

Depending on the program that you are applying for, there are two clear ways to get an immigration medical exam done. You can get an upfront medical exam,i.e.,to get the exam before the submission of the application. The second option is to wait for instructions once the applicationis submitted. In this case, you will receive medical guidelines from the visa office within 30 days. Once the medical exam is over, the panel physician will get you a document that confirms your exam. You have to furnish this document along with your visa application.

Fees & Validity

You have to pay all expenses related to the medical exam. It should be made clear at the outset that rejection of visa will not result in a refund of fees.The medical exam results are valid only for 12 months. If you do not visit or work in Canada during that period, then, you may have to retake the exam.

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