Top Questions You Need to Answer Before Your First Cosmetic Dentistry Appointment in Thornhill

Are you missing a tooth that you badly want to replace or suffering from teeth staining because of smoking or medications? The first thing that comes to mind in such situations is seeing a dentist in Thornhill. But, who would you see considering that there are different dentists? Well, in such a case, a general dentist may not be ideal. The perfect guy to see is a cosmetic dentist. This is because the physician specializes in making smiles better. The expert corrects issues to do with the teeth such as tooth loss, teeth crookedness, teeth discoloration, and chipping. In addition, the expert corrects imperfections in your lip and gum. But before you can go for your first cosmetic dentistry appointment, it’s important that your concerns are addressed. At least, these 5 questions should be answered:

  1. Is the Cosmetic Dentist Qualified?

This is a key question since it highly determines if your cosmetic procedure will be a success or not. There are scammers out there who claim to be cosmetic dentists. You should beware of them. Start by confirming if the expert is licensed.  The other thing to confirm is their experience. You can know this from the customer reviews that you read.

  1. What Are the Cosmetic Dentistry Options Available for Me?

In cosmetic dentistry in Thornhill, each treatment option is custom-designed for your dental problem. For example, treatment options for teeth whitening are different from those done to restore lost teeth or treat crookedness. In the case of teeth whitening, the dentist may opt for veneers and in the case of lost teeth, the dentist may opt for dental implants, dental flippers or dental bridges. If it’s crooked teeth that you are dealing with, the expert may opt for braces.

  1. What exactly is Smile Makeover?

As mentioned, there are different cosmetic dental solutions and all are meant at improving your smile. When two or more treatments are combined, we call it smile makeover. Simply put, your teeth and gums are all treated to give you a lovely smile.

  1. What Are the Side Effects?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are not free from imperfections. They have a few side effects that you need to confirm beforehand. However, these side effects vary from individual to individual. For instance, patients with sensitive teeth are likely to have a problem with invasive treatments like dental flippers and dental implants. The same patients may not be ideal candidates for veneers.

  1. How Long Will the Treatment Take?

Since money is involved, it’s important to know how much it’ll cost you and how many sessions you’ll have to go through. A majority of the treatments require a minimum of two appointments. Some may take weeks or months to complete but there are a few others which take years. Thus, it’s important to confirm this detail from your dentist to determine how much it’ll cost you in the long run.

It’s normal to have a few concerns before your first cosmetic dental appointment. However, you should never go to the appointment with unanswered questions. The above are among the most asked but if you have additional ones, you should share them with your cosmetic dentist prior to the appointment.

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