The Effect of Certain Strains on Migraine and Headache Pain

It has been well advertised in recent months that certain cannabis strains are able to help treat migraines. A Colorado based research institute completed a study into the effect cannabis has on migraines and they identified and offered evidence to prove that cannabis is an effective treatment solution for symptoms of migraines.

121 adult participants took part in the study, and from these participants, the number of migraine episodes fell from 10.4 to just under 5 incidences, when the participants used cannabis as a treatment. These results were backed up by anecdotal evidence where 85% of the participants said that they experienced less migraines and noticed a difference, with 2 in 10 finding that their migraines didn’t happen at all.

What CBD Strains Help Tackle Migraines?


This is a strain that is formed from a cross between Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami, making it one of the most effective hybrids for reducing the symptoms of migraines. You will quickly notice the high CBD concentration of the strain, as well as the minimal psychoactive effects because of the low concentrations of THC. Some of the other advantages of this strain is that it can offer mental clarity.


Harlequin is my own personal favourite and is aSativa dominant strain, and it is characterized by a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio. Concentrations of THC are around 4-7%, with 8-16% CBD. Not only is Harlequin effective at minimizing migraine symptoms, it can also offer clear headedness, while keeping users alert.

If you experience particularly painful migraines, this is the strain for you to use, because of the concentrations of THC and CBD that are present. When I used the strain for my migraines, I did feel quite relaxed, without acting as a sedative.


Lastly, we would recommend ACDC. This strain is sativa dominant and you can expect a ratio of 1:20 THC to CBD. ACDC has one of the largest CBD concentrations – sometimes as high as 19%! If you have anxiety which is triggered by a migraine, it is particularly effective at halting it.

If you are interested in finding out more about the strains that are effective for treating migraines, why not ask your local dispensary to see if they can recommend a strain for your exact needs? It is possible to track down your nearest dispensary by using the cannabis dispensary near me tool –

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