The Dangers Of Spitting You Need To Know About

Spitting is a habit that some develop over time, and it is not only unsightly, but it also has some health hazards that should be brought to everyone’s attention. Cancers, ulcers and the spreading of disease are some of the most important things to consider before spitting. Sometimes, a mental issue can also cause you to develop the habit of spitting.

Spreading disease

Saliva is a host to a number of diseases and infections, and it contains your DNA, which means that the autoimmune bacteria and diseases are very contiguous in your spit. The spit serves as a vessel that can be transmitted from one host to the next.

Even by getting spat on, you can catch a number of spit-borne viruses, and if you work in such an environment, you might want to check out the benefits of having the Spit Mask. Spit that carries an infectious virus can become deadly if it is able to penetrate the body in a way, such as through the bloodstream via a sore, mouth or even an open eye.

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Social Outcast

Most social groups do not accept spitting as something that anyone should do outdoors or to someone, and by spitting you are actually risking the acceptance in social situations and reducing your public image. Some public settings will tolerate the act of spitting to some degree, but it usually goes against those who just spit nonstop.

 Chewing tobacco and spitting

Not only is the chewing tobacco a disguising sight to most people, it also posts specific dangers to those who chew and spit, as well as to those around them. In one of the studies, it was shown that about 70% of people who use the tobacco, chew and spit, are more likely to get mouth sores, bleeding and cracking lips as well as gums.

They also tend to suffer from high blood pressure, increased heart rate and irregular heartbeats, which can all lead to a much bigger risk of having brain damage from a stroke or a heart attack. Chewing tobacco mixed with saliva can cause oral cancer on your tongue, floor and roof of the mouth, gums, cheeks or lips.

Dangers of being spat on

As you might have already guessed, there are plenty of dangers that come with being spat on, and those who work in such an environment should consider getting the spit protection according to Spit Mask. Not only is being spat on humiliating, but it is also very risky to your health as there are a lot of spit-borne viruses.

because of this act persisting even more now, many have considered whether to question if the spit attack is another form of assault and should be handled by the law enforcers. For now, the spitting offenses are municipal charges, which are equal to having an unpaid parking ticket when talking about severity.

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However, there has been “talk” that this might change in the future, and in some states it already has. The act of spitting should be punishable by law because you are not only humiliating the person when spitting on them, you are exposing them to a number of threats.

Final word

There are even some exceptionally extreme cases, where you could get a life-threatening disease by being spat on, in which case your saliva can be seen as a deadly weapon, no matter how silly this might sound to some. It is always better to be aware of this and ready to protect yourself, especially if you work in such an environment.

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