Learn About Medicare Policies and Coverage Benefits Over Hospital Beds

A hospital bed helps in easing the pain and agony of both the patient and caregiver. Whether it is a hospital room, or home where a patient stays after the surgery, or any other pain, a hospital bed makes it easy for a sufferer to lie down and do their daily work. Raising and lowering a person, adjusting spine and head for eating and breathing and even helping the patient from getting out of bed are some of the activities that a hospice bed can make it easier.

Patients cannot take any type of strain while they are recovering. Hospital beds are made to give relief to patients in every form. There are three kinds of beds manual, semi electric and fully electric. Manual is least expensive as they are difficult to handle. Most people now, prefer electric hospital beds as they are more comfortable and convenient. With the help of a remote they can move the bed up and down and bend the top and bottom of the bed in any position depending upon the patient’s requirement.

The difficulty that arises is the cost involved in medical expenses that drains out your pocket. This makes it difficult to pay extra for hospital beds. However, there are some kinds of beds that are covered by Medicare –

  • A variable height hospital bed which makes it easier to transfer the patient to the chair or wheelchair is insured.
  • Semi electric beds are also covered by Medicare if the patient needs a variable height bed with flexibility in shifting the position of the body.
  • A heavy-duty wide bed is used by patients who need variable height bed but weigh more than 350 pounds but less than 600 pounds.
  • Fully electronic beds aren’t covered by Medicare as they are considered to be convenient. However, if you still want this bed then you have to pay the difference between beds you qualified for and the electric bed that you choose.

The other things that you may also include in the coverage are –

  • Trapeze bar is attached to the bed to help the patient change position on the bed without anyone’s help.
  • Bed side rail protects the patients from falling from bed.
  • Mattresses
  • Fitted sheets that are made from rubber avoid any stain on mattresses.
  • Protective bed pads also have similar feature.

It is wise to buy your hospital bed from Medicare approved seller. Always go through Medicare guidelines before purchasing any hospital bed.

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