All You Need to Know About Wheelchair

Wheelchair is a specially constructed chair which can be operated manually or by electrical power and they are main purpose is to help immobile patients who don’t possess the ability to walk because of the nature of their disease.     

Wheelchairs that are operated manually are recommended to patients who have preserved movement of the arms – so that they can practice the motor of the upper extremities. If the patient has quadriplegia, then an electric wheelchair is recommended, which can be operated by breath or a command which is given by the patient’s voice.     

The size and the shape of the seat, backrest as well as arm and leg support must be individually adjusted to each patient.  They can tremendously improve the life quality of people with disabilities. Buying one, in the cases when you have a health condition which impacts your walking or totally disables it, means that you can continue doing the things you love, without spending your days lying in the bed or tied to your room.    

People with disabilities can use different kinds of wheelchairs, and the basic types are: manual, electric and children’s type.    

It’s important to mention the two basic types, based on the construction: folding and rigid chairs.     Folding ones are, basically, the classic type. The selection is wide: from the standard to the modern ones, adjustable and adaptable. 

They all have the similar folding mechanics. The big advantage of this kind is that there is more comfort; on the bumpy ground they adjust nicely and absorb abrupt movements. The flaw is that the part of the power needed to move it is a little diminished by the mobility of the chair frame.  They aren’t recommended for sport activities, because of their limited adjustability. 

Besides this, having too many movable parts that enable folding, they aren’t sufficiently stable for any serious sport activity.     

With rigid ones, folding a tad bit different than it is with folding chairs. Rigid chairs have wheels that are taken off from their sides, and the backrest folds over to the seat. This enables the chair to enter the car. Nothing else is moving with this kind of chairs, which means that all power which is at service can be used for moving. That’s an important advantage for quadriplegics. The downside of this kind is that they react to every bump, even the slightest one.  

All the dimensions can be adjusted, which is also the case with the folding ones. Rigid chairs can be used daily, but also for sport. Keep this in mind: every rigid wheelchair needs to be adjust to the each, individual type of sport, so that the unnecessary physical trauma is avoided.

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