10 Signs You Need to Stop Taking Valium

Since it was approved for use in 1963 by the Food and Drug Administration, Valium has become a common treatment for stress and sleep disorders. Valium addiction develops the same way that dependence on other prescription drugs manifests. Use starts out small, adhering to the guidelines set out by the individual’s doctor. However, as tolerance is built up, use of the drug increases in both frequency and dosage size. Understanding the signs of Valium addiction can help you recognize a problem before it becomes too severe.

How Often Do You Use Valium?

The answer to this question can be a clear indication that you’re developing an addiction. Valium is not

intended for daily use, so, if you find yourself taking the drug as another part of preparing for each day, it’s possible that your use of the drug has gotten out of control. Similarly, compare your use of Valium now to your use of the drug when you filled your first prescription. If there has been a change in the frequency or sizes of your doses, you should consider discussing your use with your doctor.

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Do You Keep a Back-Up Supply?

Another indication that you should stop taking Valium is your reluctance to go without it. If you won’t leave home without a dose of Valium tucked away in your pocket, wallet, or purse, this is an indication that you’re misusing the drug. You should not be using the drug for everyday stress, but only for extreme symptoms of anxiety or nervousness.

Have You Already Tried to Quit Using the Drug?

Some people do recognize that their drug use has become a problem and will try to quit. This isn’t always successful, especially when the withdrawal symptoms are especially severe. If you have tried to stop using Valium only to suffer a relapse, this is a sign that you already have developed an addiction. Even if it means seeking professional help, you should consider rededicating yourself to quitting.

Are You Engaging in High-Risk Behavior?

It’s not uncommon for people to turn to illegal drugs to supplement their Valium usage. Often, this happens when the individual’s doctor refuses to increase their doses or supply more frequent refills. When someone turns to illegal drugs, they often end up hooked on drugs that are more addictive and more dangerous. Aside from increased health risks, the mere act of obtaining a new supply of the drug often requires dealing with untrustworthy drug dealers and risking your own freedom.

Have You Given Up on Other Activities in Your Life?

As an addiction to Valium develops, other interests seem less important. As a result, you may stop doing things that were once very important to you. This can include quitting a sports team, missing other weekly group activities, or just losing touch with your friends. When you realize that spending time with others will take time away from your Valium use, you’ll be less inclined to keep up with those other social obligations.

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Are You Hiding Your Valium Use?

At some point, you may become more secretive about your use of the drug. Perhaps family members and friends have criticized your drug use and you now hide it to avoid confrontations. Another possibility is that you just feel uncomfortable letting others see you take a dose of Valium. Whatever the reason, hiding your use of the drug is an indication that you know your use is more frequent than it should be.

Have You Started to Suffer Consequences of Your Valium Use?

As Valium use develops into an addiction, other obligations will seem less important as well. You may risk losing your job or stop meeting career obligations as the result of focusing more energy on getting a bigger supply of the drug. Taking your doses and achieving that state of euphoria may also cause you to risk personal relationships with friends, a spouse, and your children. As you lose more people in your life, you’ll fill that extra time with more drug use.

If any of these points seem familiar, it may be time to seek help in quitting Valium use. Professional addiction treatment can help you cope with cravings, so your risk of a relapse will be minimized. Additionally, you’ll learn new and natural ways of coping with stress and sleeplessness, so you won’t need the drug anymore.

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