Indoor Cycling – A Complete Guide

Indoor cycling is an activity on the stationary bikes. This is an ideal option for the people who are searching for a cardiovascular workout which provides the least impact on ankles and keens. It is basically known as the most challenging workout and also extremely fun. RPM indoor cycling class at Fitness First Hong Kong is the most preferred option for attaining the maximum results. In this article, I am going to describe some valuable facts related to indoor cycling.

Why people prefer indoor cycling?

There are numerous people who give preference to indoor cycling. When it comes to the main reasons behind this, then we can check several different points. It is a low impact activity, but for this, you should make sure that cycling is done in a proper way. While doing the exercise, there is a minimal impact on ankle joints, knee, and hips. Here are some more benefits by which more and more people are inclining to this activity.

Burn calories – by doing indoor cycling, we can easily burn the calories. While there are many other exercises, which can burn calories, but this is the most popular. When it comes to the number of calories that will be burnt, then it depends on many factors. Also, you should make sure that you are doing the activity under the supervision of the instructor.  

Build muscle – when we do a workout, then building endurance and muscle strength is the main goal and it can be achieved by selecting the option of RPM indoor cycling class at Fitness First Hong Kong. While doing this exercise, there are many muscles which get engaged. So, when we do cycling, then it helps in building muscles.

In addition to this, the indoor cycling releases the happy mood. It means we can get happier by doing this activity. Also, this is the perfect way in order to reduce the stress level and enhance the immune response of the body.  

How to set up the bike for attaining maximum results?

The cycling equipment should be set up in a proper way so that we can take better outcomes. If you don’t want any stress and strain on the joints and muscles of the body, then it is really important that the bike is set up according to the needs of the user. For ensuring that the bike is ready to ride, you just need to follow the below mentioned tips.

  • The seat height is an important factor, and we should adjust according to our height. It is vital for getting a great comfort zone while riding the bike.  
  • Adjust handlebar properly, and for this, you are suggested to move them backward or forward, and up or down. Make sure that you can reach the handles easily.

Moving further, when you are done with the handlebar and seat adjustments, then there is the only requirement of placing foot. For this, there is a tennis-shoe cage. You can tighten the straps according to the comfort level.  

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