How to tell whether a personal trainer is a waste of money

Everyone wants to train under a personal trainer these days but nobody knows how to identify the right one. If you are struggling to do the same, don’t worry. We have something for you. In today’s post, we are going to share important signs that help identify a bad trainer. Keep reading to find out more.

Care about them

If your personal trainer is a waste of money, you will know by seeing how they have. Generally, good personal trainers tend to use mirrors quite a bit, but they don’t do it in a vain manner. If a trainer takes his job seriously, he will not look at the mirror too many times. Instead, he will try to provide you with the best cues that can help you correct the exercise form. This tends to slip far away from the workout when fatigue tends to set in.

They don’t motivate you

A lot of trainers have personal training certification but they don’t have what it takes to motivate you. You need someone who motivates and gives you all the inspiration you need. You should be able to look at our trainer and do what they do. He doesn’t have to be the most experienced and well trained person in the world to do that. He can do all of this by simply showing and encouraging you that you can do better. If your trainer is not coming across like this, get rid of them.

More friendly and less of a coach

Another quality to look out is whether they are actually interested in training you or they are more friendly. A good trainer is someone who fears to lose his clients. If you are noticing any interest in him, its better you get rid of him because these people aren’t that helpful when it comes to getting yourself trained. If your account or lawyer is a trusted adviser, the best option will be to have a relationship like a trainer and his student has.

They make you run on a treadmill

It’s good to run on a treadmill but not when your client is there. If your trainer stands next to you when you are working out, he clearly isn’t doing anything. You have to look out for a symptom like this if you want to understand who is good for you and who is not. Generally, a good trainer is someone who spends time with you in less than two hours a week. The focus must be on the quality of work and they should make it count. The thumb rule is that they should be able to do it on their own. And you shouldn’t bother to pay too much to someone who doesn’t deserve to more than a babysitter.

Does Not Have a Plan

If the trainer generally comes to your gym and creates a workout plan on the go, chances are he does not take his job that seriously. These people have no excuse to be your trainer and you need to get a better one. They might know how to make your workout and get you a good exercise, but they certainly aren’t the best one for you. If you are going to spend that much money, might as well find someone who is actually worth it.

Focus on the goal

All great trainers should focus on the goal & the goal is to get you better at what you are doing right now. Great trainers are those who have a very different approach. They work on helping you achieving an outcome. They also help fix your behavior and whatever may happen, they will always be by your side to encourage and motivate you. That is why it is important to find someone who is focused on the goal.

Finally, never choose someone who knows less about you whereas you know more about them. That could definitely be a bad sign. Instead, find someone who is interested in helping you become a better version of yourself. And if you have liked the article, don’t forget to drop your feedback down below. We want to hear from you soon.

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