Botox Injections and Excessive Sweating: A Brief Guide

The world knows Botox injections as a form of usually non-invasive cosmetic surgery. It typically produces the effect of looking young due to its relaxing effect on the muscles of the face and places where the Botox is injected. Although it is considered a neurotoxin, the use of Botox injections spans many areas of medicine. Many Botox in Toronto medical professionals use Botox injections to treat a variety of medical conditions, including one known as hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

How Botox injections help treat excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is a condition that a surprising number of people experience on a daily basis. Hyperhidrosis is a type of bodily condition that causes excessive and unusual sweating in situations where the temperature remains regular. People who are affected by excessive sweating generally produce so much sweat that they drip extra sweat or completely soak through their clothing. Over the counter antiperspirants give little relief for this condition and are ineffective.

Botox injections, however, may provide near immediate relief for excessive sweating. When used for excessive sweating, Botox injections help reduce sweating in the armpits, the hands, feet, and even the face. The Botox injection treatment for excessive sweating works in a similar way to other types of Botox injection treatments.

Botox helps suppress the nerves that work to activate the sweat glands. In normal instances, the sweat glands generally activate when the temperature of the body rises. This process generally allows the body to immediately cool itself when it gets too hot. People with excessive sweating have nerves that signal the sweat glands too often, which is what causes the excessive sweating to occur. The injection of Botox in the areas where sweat originates helps stop excessive sweating from happening by suppressing the overactive nerves.

What to know about Botox injections for excessive sweating

Botox injections for excessive sweating take little time to perform. Before the procedure begins, the patient is given a numbing agent or ice to suppress the pain in the area where the Botox injections will be administered. The Botox in Toronto medical practitioner typically injects the Botox into several areas where excessive sweating may be a concern; the Botox generally settles a little below the surface of the skin. With a fine needle, the Botox injection practitioner performs several injections in a grid pattern to essentially maximize the effectiveness of the Botox injections. Patients who receive this procedure have little downtime and are able to return to their day to day life the following day.

After treatment, the patient can expect the Botox to start working to stop excessive sweating in as little as two days. Sometimes, it takes up to a week for the Botox to be incredibly effective in the treated area. In most cases, the Botox treatment for excessive sweating takes up to two weeks to completely stop excessive sweating from happening. Like with most Botox treatments, patients are advised to follow up with their Botox in Toronto doctor for additional treatments in order to maximize the effect when it comes to suppressing excessive sweating. Several treatments in three-month intervals are known to be effective for most patients suffering from excessive sweating.

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